Monday, Dec 9th 2013.

NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore, India

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Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards

Long Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Yu-kai Chou

While talks on theory and the promise of Gamification run rampant, very few of them provide the necessary tools to turn knowledge into action that deliver a strong Return on Investment for companies. Gamification Pioneer and regular lecturer at Stanford University Yu-kai Chou talks about the reason why so many gamification campaigns fail and introduces the Complete Gamification Framework: Octalysis to use as a tool to implement Gamification design for any process. Octalysis is based on the premise that just having "game elements" does not necessarily make something fun, which is why most games are not successful. Instead of focusing on game elements like PBLs (Points, Badges, and Leaderboards), Octalysis breaks down motivation into 8 Core Drives that compel and motivate people to engage and learn through game techniques.

Enterprise Gamification Certification Workshop

Workshop | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Mario Herger

Earn Your Certification in Enterprise Gamification Design with this full-day (December 9th) Workshop facilitated by Mario Herger. Workshop Ticket also includes access to keynotes, coffee/refreshments and meals. This hands-on, interactive workshop leads you through the complete process of developing and implementing a gamified system that focuses on employee and/or partner engagement, including enterprise design patterns, legal/cultural considerations and a wide range of powerful examples. At the end of the workshop, attendees are also eligible to receive a certification for the workshop conducted by Mario Herger from Saltmarch Media. There are no pre-requisites for this workshop. Space is strictly limited. Register now to ensure your place.

Who Should Attend:

  • Startup Founders/Execs
  • Product Designers/Managers
  • UI/UX Professionals
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Community Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Those who wish to understand and effectively implement game design to add value to their business
Enterprise Gamification Strategy

Short Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Rakesh Mishra

Gamification can help organizations improve their employee engagement effectiveness as well customer engagement effectiveness. Greater employee engagement results in higher workforce productivity, policy compliance and value contribution, and effective customer engagement enables stronger loyalty, advocacy and brand-penetration.

Gamification, if leveraged rightly, can be a powerful enabler for an enterprise to harness great returns. However enterprises need to think beyond quick-win micro-gamification projects and move towards organization-wide adoption, scale and sustenance offered by the mainstream gamification. This talks highlights some of the key essential elements required for the enterprise adoption of gamification strategies. Such a strategic consideration becomes crucial for the organization as they scale up the adoption of gamification across multiple departments, functions and user engagement use-cases.

This talk will cover topics including engagement landscape analysis, selecting the right gamification design, elements of gamification strategy for the enterprise (solution, architecture, execution, sustenance), enterprise gamification infrastructure and the future trajectory of gamification.

Gamification for Arresting Attrition

Short Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Madhusudhan Rao

The top issue that any Indian IT Organization faces today is attrition. The recent trends in all the top organizations reflect the attitude of the employees who seem to be always on the lookout for greener pastures. How does one arrest this menace called attrition? Using his global experience of more than 16 years in IT, Madhu feels that there is a lot that Gamification can offer to the industry in this regard. By coming up with a unique 'game' called CorpVille, Madhu thinks that this could definitely help improving the motivation of employees within an organization, thereby slowing down the outflow of invaluable knowledge. Obviously, gamification has to be planned properly taking into consideration the feedback of the senior managers and all employees - if not, it can be very quickly reduced to merely a game, nothing more. Come, learn from Madhu on how you can implement this to your organization's advantage.

Gamification to Prevent Blindness!!! Is it Possible?

Long Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit

The world is awash with stories of social problems ranging from poverty to education to health and a gamut of initiatives to tackle them. Most, however, only budge the problem or offer short-term relief. Could it be because we view them as unique problems and not as interconnected problems? Well, I use the case of a challenge posted by an international NGO Sightsavers together with the Financial Times group to tackle the problem of preventable blindness which is one of the largest causes of blindness today. At its outset, the challenge implies that it is a health problem and will need medical interventions. However, I argue that it is also an educational problem as data shows that with a drop in visual acuity there is a corresponding increase in school drop-out rates. It is also a financial problem as an increase in school dropouts or a drop in visual acuity impacts your earning ability and thus puts you into a poverty cycle. Finally, it is also a social problem as sometimes the drop in vision (which leads to blindness if not corrected) which could be due to a multitude of factors is also sustained due to social stigma or prejudices. What this tells us is that the problems are interconnected and to solve such problems more holistic interventions are needed.

Can now Gamification prevent blindness? The Answer is Yes! It can BUT only if...! The talk will take you through a series of steps that will show HOW gamification integrated and implemented in the right way can prevent blindness? Does it include PBLs (if you need to ask then you are probably not at the right conference)? If only PBLs could solve such social problems - Gamification would probably be a more runaway hit than it already is now! The presentation will take you through the gamification steps formulated, PBLs et al. and more, the holistic framework within which gamification was integrated and an implementation plan that is now being adopted by Sightsavers India to prevent blindness in rural India with a pilot project set to launch in 2014 in North-East India!

The plan was selected by an international jury panel of prominent business, social and governmental organizations that were hand-picked by the Financial Times newspaper HQ in London. The presentation will also allow for discussions on game mechanics and gamification strategy that goes beyond PBLs. Furthermore, it will also showcase how gamification strategies that are not embedded into holistic solutions are destined for failure. A bonus - a superhero will also be revealed!

Gamifying the Learning of Programming Languages OR Employee Engagement & Gamification

Short Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Maheshwar Ramakrishnan

Learning programming languages has evolved over the years. From learning in classrooms and hands-on projects from books to e-learning through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We have made a leap forward in this space and transformed the way a programming language can be learnt, by solving a murder mystery using programming. The talk will cover this breakthrough pedagogy and its widespread applications and impact on the IT industry.

Human-Focused Design: How to Make your Product Winning & Addictive

Long Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Yu-kai Chou

This talk explores the deeper essence of gamification - "Human-Focused Design" (as opposed to "Function-Focused Design") and how to utilize it through the Octalysis framework to better implement gamification designs into a product. Most designs are function-focused and optimizes on efficiency - it assumes the people in the system will commit the action necessary to maximize output. Human-Focused Design is a process that takes in consideration the feelings and motivations of the people in the system and optimizes for engagement and fun. This is a workshop where the 8 Core Drives in the Octalysis framework will be explored in depth while giving attendees opportunities to apply it to their own problem-sets.

Leveraging IBM SoftLayer for Gaming Solutions

Short Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Sanjay Siboo

This session provides insight to the SoftLayer cloud solution and how to leverage it.

Lifestyle Gamification

Long Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Yu-kai Chou

One unfortunate thing in life is that the things we have to do are often very different from the things we enjoy doing. We enjoy playing games, socializing, receiving recognition, and expanding our creative minds; we often don't enjoy paying our dues, going to school, going to work, doing chores. But is it game over for everyone if we actually wanted to enjoy the few decades that we live in this world while still being successful? Gamification Gosu Yu-kai Chou talks about the process of Lifestyle Gamification, or treating your life as a game, and how it has helped him achieve relative success in his life, but more importantly, feel like he is always playing and never working. In this session Yu-kai Chou will cover valuable lessons about life that can be learned from games, how to shift your mentality to Play your Dues now and Enjoy Success later, and how to convert your 10,000 of play into something meaningful to you and impactful to the world.

Mobile Social Gamification

Long Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Kabir Ahmad

The main Idea of this session is to discuss how in-app gamification can boost up brand loyalty, eventually creating impact on ROI or MROI. Sequentially the following will be analyzed: switching gamified impact from engagement to loyalty program and what does mean for a brand, how users social communication against the brand/ system / process matters most in the process. Analogy of few best cases on mobile social gamification area and strategic analysis, what the industry can learn for mobile gamification trend, what more can be done to create an emotional/ social appeal among audiences towards the brand/process/other applicable areas, is there any difference between game in general vs. in-game gamification vs. in-app gamification, does m-commerce can play role to in-app gamification, relation between real life social things / reward and good gamification. Finally what should be best role for ecosystem market player, where is the real opportunity for the ecosystem player and who has the best scope to leverage opportunity.

Onboarding your Enterprise Application to Gamification Platform

Short Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Munish Gupta

We've heard about gamification being the concept of applying game-design thinking and game mechanics like badges and leader boards to non-game applications to make them more fun, engaging, and motivating. You've decided that you want to gamify your application. What next? what are my business objectives for gamification? What do I intend to achieve? how do I evaluate gamification vendors? What criteria to use? how do I choose which application should go first for gamification? what additional features/functionality needs to be brought in? how do I measure the user's response to gamification? what kind of commitment is required from enterprise?, and when can I start expecting ROI? During this session, we'll find answers to these questions so you can take an informed decision. We will consider the criteria that needs to be weighed in for making your choices.

The Reputation Economy

Short Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Johny Jose

The behavioral data collected by gamified systems provide valuable information into the social standing and reputation of different users within a community. As gamification penetrates all spheres of people's lives there will be a growing need felt to manage and control the personal information stored in these systems and harness them to create value across different spheres of a person's life. For example a person who works out regularly can receive better health insurance options from his company. People who pay their taxes on time can get priority on government services like passport issuing, etc. This new form of value will create a new reputation based economy which will have far reaching effects and redefine the way society works. The social and technological challenges of moving towards this future are immense.The talk will highlight the unique challenges and possible solutions and force the audience to think deeply about the bigger picture.

What Game Design Can Teach Us About Gamification

Long Talk | Dec 09, 2013
Speaker: Robert Zepeda

Robert's talk will dig down into how Game Design and social game mechanics can be leveraged to create truly sticky and engaging gamification campaigns. Going beyond basic points and rewards, he will dive into reward schedules, decay rates, probability, leveling structures, different types of points: experience (cumulative), karma (giftable), virtual currency (redeemable), status (ranking), skill (mastery), access (keys), reputation (authority) - these can be complex and represented in different ways.All of these should be relative and in balance in order to create the most engagement... it's called tuning in Games. We are optimizing based on data and by player feedback. Trying to reach Flow (the ideal space between too easy (boredom) and too difficult (frustration). It's all about giving the player interesting choices which allows them to find their play style. Find out what motivates users. Adjust accordingly.